Startups Specialists' Pricing
Apply for Service Requests (Jobs) Apply and bid for any open jobs that match your skill-set. Directly ask for more information, negotiate project rates, logistics and availability, there is no middleman involved.
Online Collaboration for Remote Delivery Launch online meetings to collaborate with clients. Use live audio/ video meetings and screen sharing to deliver work. You no longer need to ask one another for a list of common apps.
24x7 Support Our team is committed to making your life easy at every step. Give us a shout at any time.
Payment protection and guarantee Startups clients pay us, and we release the payment to you on approval of your work, you so don’t have to take payment risks.
Referrals that earns you cash Refer Startups clients (customers or partners) you know or may have worked with in the past. When one subscribes, you get paid a bonus (up to 250 USD).
Referrals that waive subscriptions Refer your Startups specialist family members and friends. When one subscribes, you get a lifelong discount on your subscription with us.
Dispute Fee (Optional) While we strive to make this network highly professional with strategic relationships rather than one-off engagements, miscommunication and its subsequent disagreements can arise. In such cases, our team is available to resolve disputes.


Money-back Guarantee

If you join 60Talent, and haven't won a job during a year's subscription period, we'll refund you the subscription fee.
Frequently Asked Questions
Any individual (person, independent, sole proprietor, or corporation) who has Startups Area(s) of Expertise, and is looking to get paid for sharing their expertise. You could be a contractor/freelancer already, or a full-time employee with a day-job who has a few hours afterwork or on the weekends to share in your region or overseas (where it's some company's workday).
To create a network of Startups clients and generate a healthy pipeline of projects. 60Talent allows you to choose from projects that excite and empower you and align with your desired career goals and/or lifestyle. You can choose, for example, to work locally or internationally, on-site or remotely, 40hrs/week or less…etc.
Register yourself within seconds. It's easy. After you fill in your 'Service Profile' we automatically grant you your free first year subscription.

60Talent becomes your payor. For each job (transaction) you complete and is approved by the Startups client, we'll credit your account. Then you can withdraw your earnings at your request.

For example, a client hires you for 100 hrs, and you charge them 50 USD/hr (5000 USD). Upon approval of the completed work by the client, we'll credit your account for 4750 USD (5000 USD - 250 USD (transaction fee)). You'll then have the option to withdraw the full 4750 USD, or a lesser amount from your account.

We make it easy to cancel your 60Talent plan, without any hassle or questions from us. Simply contact our support team, and we will begin the cancellation process.

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