Two of the most important shifts that we experience today are:

Yet, acquiring talent, in itself, doesn't pose a challenge. It is rather, constraints within which the process is carried out. For example, anyone with unlimited time, money, and networking capabilities should be able to acquire the right talent. However, most companies are limited by a delivery time, project start time, budget for delivery, or access to Talent. Read on to learn about a new development in talent acquisition that will give your business the transformative edge to compete in today's markets.

Talent as a Service - What is it?

The latest development in talent acquisition is known as Talent as a Service (TaaS). TaaS is a new model in talent acquisition, allowing businesses to access high quality, on-demand, yet on-budget talent through cloud-based platforms (some also refer to it as a "direct-to-contractor" model). We like to call it the "Uber-ification" of Talents. While we've become mostly familiar with Software, Platform, Infrastructure or Data as a Service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS...etc.), we're less familiar with Talent as a Service, despite the Talents needed to efficiently run all these XaaS platforms. TaaS disrupts the traditional understanding of the workforce by modeling the gig economy and introducing a unique approach to crowd sourcing. Essentially, a TaaS model primarily allows companies to instantly and efficiently find contracted talent, and it doesn't rule out finding specialized full-time employees (FTE).

What is TAAS?

What Can Talent as a Service Make Possible for You?

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