Ready to source? Find a talent in 60 seconds. Another 60 second glance at a specialist's profiles (carry rate, availability, years' experience by sub-function, and rate/hr). Voila! A few seconds to shortlist one, or skip. It is that simple. Why would that need 1-2 weeks?!

Ready to interview? Open a meeting session or schedule one, on our platform. So why again it takes 3-4 days (and a middleman) to set interviews?!

Ready to Hire? Firm your requirement, SLAs, and delivery success criteria and...go!

Time to Collaborate? Invite the Specialist on premise, and work the specialist remotely - it is one click to meet and share screen

Job Completed? If you approve the job, we will release your payment to the specialist. Hey! Don't we all deserve to get paid for a job well-done?