As the workforce continues to evolve and virtualize, our vision is to build a socio-business network that instantly connects talent seekers to talent, locally, regionally and across the globe.

Mahmoud Abou-Elneel (Moe)

Founder, 60Talent

Founder of 60Talent, Mahmoud Abou-Elneel (Moe), took his 20+ years of experience leading business IT applications' implementation projects for tier-one consulting firms and for industry-leading clients to create it. Mahmoud wants to help by making expert talent available easily, and on-demand.

Along with helping hiring managers connect with specialists, we provide an opportunity for the specialists to easily find exciting and higher-paying projects, building a network of clients, and ultimately enjoying a healthy work-life balance. We make these connections easier and faster. If you are a hiring manager or a specialist, let 60Talent be your skill-specific go-to network to connect with the help and projects needed to grow your business. Check out the talent communities we currently cover.

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